Best Types of Animation: How to Choose the Right One


Good to know that you pick animation videos for the next project. However, there are many things before you have a good animation video – like “what are the best types of animation I should choose?”

Issues seem difficult, but there is only a main point– choose the right type that fits best to your viewers. Here we will try to guide you through this.


Best types of animation for your campaign

1. Whiteboard animation

As its name, a whiteboard animated video contains hand drawing images/illustrations on a white background. The whiteboard style provides the perfect platform to explore more in-depth a product, service, or process details.

Therefore, with a nice narrator voice and good images, you can explain various complex concepts, even medical lessons.


Choose whiteboard animation if:

You don’t have a huge budget for creating animation and you do not want to stress much on drawings as long as they could visualize the content you want to convey.

You can use it when you want to transform text-based content and visualize invisible parts of your content in a story.


2. Motion graphics/Infographics animation

Motion graphics/infographics animation is mostly used for eLearning to marketing projects. People love it because it helps entertain the audience as well as explain complicated concepts.

It contains colorful graphics, characters, and drawings that could visualize any type of content usually combined with audio and simple motion effects that are generated by the computer


You should use motion graphics/infographics animation when:

You have to explain difficult or abstract concepts that need simplification or you want to apply the branching scenario technique in your video for making your audience understand better.

The video doesn’t require a pretty smooth movement which is time-saving and cost-effective.





3. 2D animation

Here, both characters and scenes are created in a two-dimensional space, using outlook to give the illusion of depth. This type of animation is considered to be the traditional form of animation with simple, not very lengthy, and detailed characters moving up, down, left, and right.

The 2D animation video style is highly adaptable, allowing for insane customization that, when done right, leads to an emotion-evoking work that can appeal directly to its targeted audience.


Benefits of 2D Animation:

There is a reason that this animation has been so popular with children; it can grab and hold their attention, which is no easy feat. 2D animation can also establish a stronger connection between the viewer and the company because of the deeper engagement that is possible with animation.

It is cost-effective over live shooting video and when an audience experiences something memorable then they would want to share it with their friends and colleagues.




4. Stop Motion animation

Although it isn’t trending now, stop-motion animation is still established its power in education, primarily in in-class teaching.  A technique for photographing an object as it’s moved in small amounts creates the illusion of motion when played in succession.


You should use stop-motion animation in case:

You have a tight budget. For stop motion, some things are a must:- a proper camera and experience in recording. And you should be able to use basic video edit software for adding some effects to make your video looks better.


Benchmarks to find the best types of animation

  • Define the goals

Are you creating animation videos for learning purposes? Do you want to increase sales? How about increasing public awareness or capturing the audience’s attention?. These questions are deciding factors in choosing animation types.


  • Define your budget

Different types of animation come with different price issues. Thus, it’s better to analyze the quotation from different studios and compare their quality to balance your expense.

If you have a fixed budget then you can contact Animania studio. We will help you with how to get the best animation types within your money.


  •  Define your timeline

Depending on the complexity of animation types, the production times vary. The time you launch animation videos has a tight relation to your business goals.

Thus, be aware of the production timeline of animation types to match the production schedule for your marketing plan.


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