Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Animania as my video production provider?

We keep our clients at the top priority. Only a full-blown confirmed satisfaction of the deliverables would ensure the completion of the project. We try our level best to understand the market needs, your business’s needs, and the goal of the project.
We put our best into giving you the highest quality product that is in line with the goals. Our team works hard to provide you with the best quality animation with expertise and experience. Some of our loved clients include McKesson, Walmart, and DocuSign.

What is the typical process of all video production at Animania?

Animania is an animation company and we specialise in creating meaningful and interactive videos. We provide a vast range of services to match your business and creative needs. Following are the steps we take as soon as you reach out to us:

  • Understanding your business and marketing goals
  • Development of the script and general storyline
  • Storyboarding
  • Including the voiceover and/or background music
  • Including illustration. This step may lead to multimedia production.
  • Including and carrying out the core animations
  • Packaging, and making final touches
  • Delivering in the requested format

For a detailed process, you can also visit us at Process.

What is the cost of Animania’s video production?

The prices differ as per the requested services. As the degree of creativity involved and effort varies from project to project, so do the prices.
Usual factors deciding the process include style, run-time/length, and deadlines (how quickly you need it done).
Animania offers free consultation through which you can get an idea about the tentative pricing of your proposed video.

How long does Animania take to deliver a video?

Animania takes about 6-8 weeks to deliver the project. This timeline excludes the proposed feedback and changes. As per our records, even the most aggressive of videos get delivered within 8 to 9 weeks.
Animania takes longer than an average video production agency because it takes highly skillful individuals to work strenuously to deliver a high quality product.
You would be included and referred to at each step of the production process.

What if I need a video delivered on an urgent basis?

You can get your video delivered in a shorter time duration as well. With a slight variation in process, you can get your production process fast tracked.

In brief, how does Animania work on its all projects?

All our processes have 3 core steps- charting out the right message that the video has the deliver, charting out the script through storytelling; and curating the animation. All steps would be sent to you and referred with you before moving ahead. In total, 6 chances of revisions (3*2) would be welcomed and included for any/all project(s).

How can I contact Animania and make a request for a video?

The fastest way to get in touch with us is to fill the form from our website. You can also email us or reach out to us on call.
Subsequently, Animania’s representative will reach out to you within 24 hours for a free 30-minute consultation over call. The agenda of the call would be to understand your project’s needs, goals and expectations. The length of the video, style, tonality and a rough brief would also be discussed. Following this, the final contract along with a tentative price would be shared with you.
Next step would involve the product manager reaching out to you with formal proceedings of the video production. He/she would come prepared with creative ideas and general flow of the video.
According to pre-existing policies, Animania charges a 50% advance payment for all projects. Payments can be made through PayPal* or wire transfers.
*Payments through PayPal come with an extra fee to offset the platform’s costs.

How long does it take to make an explainer video like the one shown in the video portfolio?

On average, Animania requests 8-9 weeks to prepare an Explainer video. This is kept in mind by the various brains that work towards delivering the best product. However, the process may also take a shorter duration in special cases.

Is it possible to speed up the process?

Of course! Animania understands that some projects just need to be prioritised and given special attention. With minimal charges, you can avail the facility of getting your project prioritised. Our team would consequently push you up on the list and work on tighter deadlines while maintaining the quality.

What does the process look like?

The message, story, and animation are the key pillars of the video production process at Animania. We offer you two revisions on each step of our process after our first submission. Keeping in mind that there are 3 steps to each video production, you’d be offered 6 (3*2) revisions in total.
There is also a provision to customise the entire video project as per your liking with as many revisions as possible.

What is the quickest way to get started?

Hit us up in the quickest way possible by filling out the form mentioned on the ‘Contact Us’ page. You can also email us. Our team will get back to you with a 30-minute free consultation within 24 hours of your query.


The agenda of this call would be to keenly understand your requirements, needs, goals, target audience, etc of your potential project. You’d be explained about all the best-fit services that we have to offer. Subsequently, after this fast-paced ice breaker, a common plan for your project can be charted out.


Once the plan has been finalised and approved and the contract and payments have been sorted out, a creative brief would be shared with you to deeply understand your vision and need for your project.


A Product Manager would reach out to you to carry on with the operational proceedings.


Animania accepts wire transfers as well as PayPal*. A 50% payment advance would be charged for all projects. The remaining payment can be made after the final completion and acceptance of the project.


*Payments through PayPal come with an extra fee to offset the platform’s costs.

What aspects should I consider before settling on a video service provider?

Finding the most suitable service provider can be hard. Animania is one of the most trusted and award-winning video service providers in the country. We have listed out all the points that you must keep in mind before zeroing down on the most trusted and professional service provider in the industry:

  • Quality and Expertise: Go through your potential service provider’s portfolio/previous work. This will give you the first fair idea about the quality that you need and deserve.
  • Corporate Communication: Although this specific trait is better experienced than research, you may want to check how efficiently your service provider interacts and reply back to clients and potential clients. One of the ways to check this is to go through reviews and testimonials.
    At Animania, we are very particular about establishing and maintaining communication at each and every step of your association with us.
  • What Previous Clients Say: One of the crucial steps in understanding the general reputation of your service provider can be noticed by reading (or watching) reviews and testimonials. It is possible to find a fellow previous client with similar needs as yours who may have published a review.
  • Financial Element: Researching a buyer which gets your work done at the pricing which suits you and justifies the industry standards should be the goal. Animania offers the right fiscal balance with the highest quality deliverables.
  • Skillfulness: The last but one of the most important factors is to find the provider who has a skilful team- both in creative abilities and professional abilities. Animania understands what the industry demands, what your specific target audience may need, and exactly what kind of production would be suitable to meet your business needs.  

Explainer Videos

As the name suggests, ‘Explainer Videos’ is a pretty cool way to explain any product/service/idea. They work best in almost all online campaigns. Using simple yet effective animations, a lengthy concept can be explained in an easily understandable way. The length of Explainer Videos is typically short and the script is tight. These videos are efficient in generating quality leads from the niche target audience of your choice.