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Hyundai approached us with the concept of producing an explainer video for their upcoming "My Hyundai App.".  They requested a 3D appearance in the animated video for brand, but without overemphasising it. As a result, we opted for a 2.5D animation approach, where the look is 3D but the animation is entirely 2D. The video showcases the app's features, services, and a walkthrough of its functionality. To highlight the content rather than the phone, we used a glass instead of the phone, which also made it appear lighter. We selected click and button motions accordingly.

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Explainer Videos

As the name suggests, ‘Explainer Videos’ is a pretty cool way to explain any product/service/idea. They work best in almost all online campaigns. Using simple yet effective animations, a lengthy concept can be explained in an easily understandable way. The length of Explainer Videos is typically short and the script is tight. These videos are efficient in generating quality leads from the niche target audience of your choice.