Let us walk you through the detailed steps of how we are going to curate content for your product/service. We value your opinion and therefore we will involve you at each and every step we take.


Free Consultation & Research

We provide free consultation at Animania. Your satisfaction is our motive. We will walk you through the entire process of the services and will help you choose the best alternative for your company. We will help you reach your desired service by understanding your company and work, your customers, what you want to achieve, and all else you deem important. The only thing required from your end for this step is your time and interest.


Script Writing & Concept

After understanding the needs of your business we move ahead with the next step, that is script writing and concept. A well written script is an essential part as it will decide the future course of actions. A skilled individual will be working for you to create the perfect script for your concept and we are open to suggestions and amendments as per your needs. After curating the script, we take your approval and move to the next step.


Professional Voiceover & Music

This is an optional step. If you require a voiceover artist for your product or service, you can choose from the professional voiceover artists we have, both male and female. Voiceovers are fabricated intricately by keeping your requirements in mind. The voice modulation, tone and regulation are paced according to the intent of the message that is to be delivered to the audience. Not just this, we have an in-house music production. We have our own music artists and composers. We offer to create unique pieces of music just for you. This enables us to incorporate appropriate music which is in sync with the voiceover.


Storyboard Development

After combining all the work done in the previous steps with characters and sketches, bring about a storyboard. This storyboard will give you a rough idea about the final video but without animation and graphics. The storyboard will be given to you for feedback and appropriate changes can be made.we take your approval and move to the next step.


Animation and Graphics

Introducing animation to the storyboard is like adding life to an inanimate being. Adding animation and graphics requires a high amount of creativity and skill and thus we have the best people engaged for this task. 2D or 3D animation is incorporated as per the requirement of the product.


Final Video

After hours of hard work and persistence, the final video is created which is a beautiful combination of script, voiceover, and animation. The final video is made only after getting your approval at each and every step. The final video is delivered to you in your desired format. The format of the final video is usually decided according to the medium the video is going to be published on.


Why should you choose Animania as your Video Company?

Client satisfaction is our motive and we put all our focus on understanding your needs, your audience and what goals you want to achieve through our services. We vow to provide you the best and highest quality animation services under one roof. We have a team of highly skilled and talented individuals best in their own niche.

What is the Animania animation video production process?

We as an animation company create meaningful and engaging videos which are suitable to cater the needs of the clients. We provide a wide range of services ranging from corporate services to product demos, etc.
We follow the ordered steps to reach you to the final video. Each step has equal involvement from the client.
Our Process includes:

  • Understanding your business and marketing objectives
  • Story and script development
  • Storyboard
  • Voiceover
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Delivery

You can visit the Process section to know about these steps in detail or you can also contact

How much do our video production services cost?

The pricing services vary from client to client and the variables affecting the pricing are style, duration, and deadlines (how quickly you need it done).

We offer a free consultation where you can get a rough idea about the pricing of your video.

How long does it take?

On an average, we take around 6 weeks to complete a project (excluding the changes and feedback time). Cumulatively, you will usually receive your final video in a span of eight to nine weeks. 

The time is a bit longer than usual because it takes a lot of skilled individuals to create a perfect video to meet your needs. Other than that we take feedback from the client at each and every step, which further adds to the time.

Is it possible to speed up the Production process?

Yes, it is certainly possible to deliver your video quicker than the stipulated time. The only thing that will vary is the price, since we will be working over hours to deliver the project.

What does our Animation Video Company’s process look like?

To tell in a single sentence, the process consists of message, storytelling and animation. Each step of the process is sent to the client for feedback and revision is allowed up to two times in each step (six in total). We are also open to more rounds of changes, if you like.

How to start working with our Video Production Company?

You can directly book a free consultation through get a quote button and filling a form or you can send us an email or contact us briefing about the goals you want to achieve and services you want to avail.

Our team will get back to you in 24 hours at most and we will schedule a roughly 30 minute call with you to understand your project.

During this call we will understand your requirements such as video length, style, and will also brief you about our production process.

After that we work on the contract and payment. We will send you the creative briefs about your project to get a clear vision. Once all this is done, our production manager will get in touch with you who will take you along  the further process. Our policy includes taking 50% of the payment to begin the production through wire transfers and PayPal*

*Payments through PayPal come with an extra fee to offset the platform’s costs.

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