When it comes to making a narrated video, there are some things that you just have to get right. While the quality of the video has to be good, the audio is equally important. It helps to deliver your message and form the foundation of what will help you capture the engagement of your audience. A professional voiceover can give a powerful boost to your brand’s potential for being noticed.

This is especially important for brands that are thinking of creating exciting explainer videos to enhance their marketing strategy.

So, what are the reasons for using a professional voiceover actor for your videos?


They Are Highly Versatile

From modulating the tone and personality to match the characteristics or the purpose of a recording to communicating well and synchronizing their voice to the visual, a talented Voice-over artist is highly versatile. Their natural skill provides them with the flexibility to record audio in different styles, guaranteeing the message delivered resonates with the target demographic – irrespective of their age, gender, or ethnic background.


They offer authenticity

Most voice-over artists have a broad background when it comes to voice recording or voice-over narration. Having delivered a variety of voiceovers for different projects, they know their craft and can add authentic voice to your video, improving its credibility.

Hear this one:



Affordable and accommodating

Of course, if you want high-quality services then you will have to charge according to for it. In many industries but many voice-over professionals will have the aim of making their service quick and affordable because they are in demand. Many will price their service competitively and therefore they can easily fit into your budget.

Many pride themselves on delivering a quality voice-over service for a wonderful price. Using voice-over can increase Return on Investment (ROI).

They Are Readily Available

Many voice-over actors carry out their work alongside other part-time jobs which can cause problems in meeting deadlines. However, when the time comes to find a voice-over actor, choose one with a full-time job. Because they are dependable and accessible whenever you need them.

This will mean that they answer emails and calls quickly and promptly and are there to meet any of your demands. This is ideal when you are working with tight deadlines. They will have the ability to finish your project quickly with no compromise in quality.

They will have a great recording studio

The recording studio is essential for making good quality videos. They will be able to add in effects and create a voice-over that suits the demands of your video. A good voice-over actor will have superb equipment that produces the best recordings. This makes it ideal for having files produced electronically.

Build a relationship with them

If you have plans to make a large of videos then you will want to build a working relationship with a voice actor. And they should be trustworthy and call upon when you require them and that is crucial. You should treat them no different from your animator or storyboard creator because they also offer something critical to your video.

So, work with them, listen to them, explain what you want and you will soon realize that they will be a great boost to your team.



They give your brand familiarity

No matter what product or service your explainer video is explaining, you will want your customers to connect to it and instantly recognize that it is you. It is proven that adults are more likely to recall words when they are spoken by a voice that is familiar to them.

It makes it even more helpful to use the same voice-over artist for your videos. If your customers recognize the voice, they will recognize your brand and that, in itself, will help to increase leads.

Helps Boost SEO

A professional voiceover video can help boost your SEO campaign. Since videos help improve the user experience, Google loves video and tend to rank them higher on the search result. An explainer video can improve the dwell time of users on your site and reduce the bounce rate. Videos can help generate targeted leads and are a contributor to the success of your SEO.


A professional voiceover actor can aid your project and enhance your video. If you want your video to great success and deliver a message in a way that your audience can connect to, then you should use the services of a true professional. And If you are interested in voice-over-related services, please get in touch with us.






2D animation is one of the main types of animation. Marketing videos, advertisements, corporate presentations, cartoons, educational materials, and much more widely used it.


Animated videos have a huge influence on the viewers in three different ways: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Besides, they can be simply adorable in watching. Here, we going to talk about 2D animation videos.

What is 2D Animation?


In the term “2D animation” 2D stands for two-dimensional, images and characters in the two-dimensional format can animate them with movement. This type of animation is considered to be the traditional form of animation with simple, non-voluminous characters moving up, down, left, and right.

One of the examples is given below:



Other examples of our 2D  work ( Bharti AXA, Airtel|My Plan Family, etc).

While this is sometimes referred to as traditional animation, mainstream 2D production has grown from hand-drawn processes using pencil and paper to the implementation of digital techniques utilizing computer software.

2D Animation Today


2D is a popular medium that’s creating a huge comeback. Websites, feature films, advertisements, video games, mobile apps, and TV shows widely use this animation. Famous modern examples of 2D include TV shows Rick and Morty and F is for Family. Social media platforms like Snapchat are launching 2D animated series with short 1-3 minute episodes. And there’s even been a current surge in 2D platform video games such as Cuphead.


Though 3D animation has become very popular nowadays,2D still takes the lead in the world of animation today. 2D animators are still in demand in the market.

How to create 2D Animation?

There are many methods to create 2D characters and bring them back to life. If you are a fan of traditional animation, then all you need is a pen/pencil and many sheets of paper, use a color palette to that set to get colored animation.

How to create 2D Animation?
Source: What are 2D videos?


So, here you are: sketch your character on a sheet of paper, then copy it on another sheet and add a tiny change to it, then repeat it and add a change. Nowadays, we use software for animation.


There are so many different animation software out on the market that it has become very difficult to find the most suitable one, especially for beginners. Therefore, You can start by trying free tools like Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop Creatoon, Toon Boom, Blender, etc. And even after this If you can’t find any suitable 2D software then you can try online tools, which are comfortable to use and don’t require much design skills or technical knowledge.

Where to get 2D videos?


example of 2D Animation


Interested in 2D animation? Find more information and get high-quality 2D animation services at Animania Studio. Animania Studio employs the best 2D artists with a creative approach and solid experience to meet clients’ expectations.


And if have any queries and suggestions please do mention them in the comments section below and if you like our work then please do share with your friends, colleagues, etc.

Animated videos have become quite popular in todays market and business owners. Since we know that animation is a great method to attract an audience, get their attention, and get the message across. If we talk about whiteboard animation it is the simplest and easiest way to explain about the product or process we want to explain. Using a White Board Animation video can be an incredibly effective tool. There are many types of animation videos than can be created let see some few examples:


Types of Explainer Videos

  • 2D Character Animation Videos
  • Motion Graphics Animation Videos
  • Whiteboard Animation Videos
  • 2.5D Animation Videos
  • 3D Animation Videos
  • Stop Motion Videos
  • Typography Videos
  • Screencast Video Style
  • Live-Action Videos
  • Live-Action with 2D Animation Videos
  • Rotoscope Animation Videos
  • Mechanical Video Animation Videos
  • Cut-Out Animation Videos
  • HUD Animation Videos
  • Plexus Video Animation Videos

Now you know the various types of animated videos and which type of incorporating video into your business plan is a must, now the question becomes- what style of video should you invest in? 

Despite the passage of time, drawing still enables us to understand each other nicely. They are an exciting and innovative way to advertise and market your services or products. So here we will talk about whiteboard animation.


What is a whiteboard animation exactly?

Drawing story with pictures on a whiteboard is called whiteboard animation. They are videos that draw themselves. Originally, animators would record themselves in the process of creating such animations. Viewers would observe all their steps and see the story unfold.


These types of animated videos can be tailored to a variety of specific industries without adding any of the fluff found in other styles of videos. In additionwhiteboard video animation is intended to be focused on because meaning your message will be heard loud and clear.

The animation uses a time-lapse or stop-motion effect. Thanks to technological developments, production processes no longer require actual drawing and can instead be handled by whiteboard animation software.


Why is White Board Animation so famous?

You can also see whiteboard animation in product demos, explainer videos, and educational presentations. What makes this style so famous among marketers, educators, and business owners alike?

  • Whiteboard animations have received a lot of attention because they are created to convey a specific message, and this can be accomplished well. Since the only means of expression that they have is a whiteboard and a marker, the message comes across clean.
  • Whiteboard video type is universal because one can use this animation style for anything: from bank commercials to history lessons to onboarding videos and others. Such elements can be fun or serious, short or lengthy, but what they all have in common is that they remain clear and understandable to the Viewers.
  • Whiteboard animation is transparent. Even if your audience speaks different languages, they will still understand the video without any further words. This is the charm of visuals based on recognizable symbols and general knowledge.
  • Whiteboard animation does great PR(Public Relations) for you. If the audience loves it then they will share it across social media channels, spreading the word about the product or service on large scale.
  • Whiteboard videos are cheaper to make. Costs associated with video production play a significant role in corporations with tight budgets. It is a better choice if you are looking for animation that will not cost a lot and yet would be a marketing tool, to use this style. Whiteboard videos tell a story just as engaging and effective as any other animated video.


Process of making White Board Animation

Process of making Whiteboard Animation

Before making a whiteboard animation video it involves many steps. Here we listed below the steps to follow:


Requirement of the client (The Brief):

The first and the initial step in the process of whiteboard animation is collecting ideas and the requirement of the client. He will provide the information about the goals of the film, brand communication strategy, deadline, animation length, preferred style, any music, or graphic symbols.

Creating a script:

Once we have discussed with the Client, our copywriters translate the message of the video into an attractive-sounding story. The script usually takes the form of a story which helps to maintain the audience’s attention. We send the script to the Client, who will give possible feedback.


Creating a storyboard:

The story outline is created for the first time. A storyboard is a manuscript that allows us to visit frame by frame how the story will look. The customer, after approving the storyboard, makes absolutely no changes as our videos are made “live” (i.e. shot on a real set). Possible changes at later stages will increase costs and an extension of the deadline for the video.


Preparing props:

After we figure out what will be shot and how we will do sowe hunt down and buy the props based on the storyboard.



Colour modification, cutting the material into segments, accelerating, removing unwarranted elements, special effects… Editing just 1 minute of the movie usually a few hours of continuous work.


Implementation of final feedback:

Introducing minor modifications that do not go beyond a predetermined design and storyboard.


Where to get White Board Animation videos?

A computer and whiteboard animation software is all you need to get started.  There is no need for special equipment or skills. The software makes video editing easy and outputs high-quality explainer videos you can use on your website, an online course, or any other place you need it.

Following is a list of software you can use:

  • FilmoraPro
  • Explaindio
  • MySimpleShow
  • Camtasia
  • Easy Sketch Pro
  • Adobe Animate CC
  • Doodly
  • PowToon

And if you want White Board Animation services then there are many studios and people who are making whiteboard animation videos in the market. Depending on your goals and budget, you can choose their services. If you want a great video that can explain your product or services on an affordable budget then: Here at Animania Studio, we make amazing whiteboard animation videos more affordably.

If you’re looking to get your quote then get in touch with us. And if have any queries and suggestions then please do mention them in the comments section below and if you like our work please do share with your friends, colleagues, etc.